Academics Department

Academics are the foundation of a school. Experienced academic managers who lead our academic department do so with the utmost diligence and integrity. All of the standards for education in the present day are met by our carefully chosen curriculum. Instead of encouraging rote learning, our main goal is to increase intelligence. Our Directors oversee and are in charge of the Academic division. The Academic Department's other responsibilities include organising official and informal assessments, creating instructional materials and lesson plans, coming up with fresh and inventive pedagogies, etc.

IT Department

This involves managing the IT infrastructure, internal servers, cloud computing, the IT lab, maintaining all AV and multimedia equipment, managing and operating CCTV cameras, etc.

Sports and Physical activity Department

Playing sports fosters friendships, keeps you physically fit, teaches you how to manage your time, and helps you connect with adults and your peers. You develop abilities through athletics that are best learned on a court, track, or field. Our head of Sports are responsible for maintaining the sporting spirit, organising sports competitions, and making our students more disciplined.

HR Department

The main focus of our HR Department work is on monitoring, evaluating, and developing human resources.

Information and Communication Services Department

ICS is in charge of distributing crucial information via numerous channels as needed. It is in charge of all forms of communication with parents and students, including those made via social media and the online.

Training & Quality Assurance Department

This department not only evaluates academic quality and the method of distributing education, but it also gives instructors a chance to develop professionally by holding internal training sessions and inviting them to participate in various external training programmes, seminars, and workshops.

Finance Services

The financial records of all students and workers are managed by this department, which is totally automated. All accounting-related system enquiries fall under the purview of the CFO-led Finance Services Department.

Student Enrolment and Services Department

Admissions, services, and student welfare are all topics covered by SES. The connection between the student and the school is crucial. The SES Department continues to be the student's lifelong academic partner at Happy Palace Grammar School.

Operations Department

The Operations Department is in charge of the overall security system, its upkeep, wear and tear, and interdepartmental communications.