We offer a curriculum that meets the needs of individual learners and allows them every opportunity for success. The curriculum is broad, rich and flexible. It provides all pupils with a firm grasp of the fundamentals whilst allowing an appropriate degree of specialization and depth. A focus on progress in English and Mathematics is at the heart of our curriculum providing a strong foundation for success in all other subjects and in later life.

Innovative teaching and learning strategies

As a learning organisation, we try to stay up to date with the rapidly changing global environment in order to provide our students with a cutting-edge education that will prepare them for the future. This is why our curriculum and instructional strategies are always changing and developing to be at par with the latest advancements. Our students become lifelong, independent learners and assured leaders of the future thanks to our innovative teaching method.


All lessons are taught in ability streams from the outset as we believe this is the most effective method for pupils of all abilities to make progress. Pupil groups are regularly reviewed to monitor individual progress. Some classes receive additional time and support in different subjects to help ensure they have reached the required level by the end of Year. A wide range of GCSE options are available including sciences, languages, and economics. These routes also allow pupils to study GCSEs in the subjects of their choice over two years and thus achieve the highest grades possible. Our intention is that all pupils, regardless of ability, follow a curriculum that enables them to achieve the threshold of at least 5 A* to C GCSE grades including English and Mathematics. This will enable pupils to access ‘A’ levels or further vocational studies. We anticipate that the vast majority of students will return after Year 11 to join our thriving mixed form. We have a comprehensive range of ‘A’ levels and vocational courses. Students enjoy more freedom whilst accepting more personal responsibility for attendance, appearance, and academic study. Close contact between staff and students is one of the many benefits that only a small school community such as ours can offer.


The specialist school movement now includes over 19 schools in the city and has been a vehicle for school improvement, a key contributor to national programmes and the leading innovator in the curriculum and school organization. Specialist school status changes a school’s culture. It breeds a ‘can-do’ attitude and an innovative approach. At Happy Palace Grammar School we use our specialist status to create a challenging learning environment. This helps raise standards of achievement with the quality of teaching and learning in leading to whole school improvement in performance. As a specialist, we provide a centre of excellence in scientific, technological, enterprise and vocational education. We encourage young people to pursue science and mathematics beyond 16, providing them with appropriate learning pathways so they develop the skills needed to be active citizens within an increasingly scientific world.


Admissions are selective, so students are not ‘lost in the crowd’ but gain enormously from the personal attention and guidance that have become synonymous with our success. This also allows more opportunities for A-level students to lead the school. As a result, most of our A-level students hold positions of responsibility and achieve valuable personal development opportunities, unlike at other schools with too many students applying for too few positions. Students of A-Level First year also have special positions reserved as Prefects, Sports Presidents and Club and Society Board members and heads.


We place a great emphasis on helping our students develop excellent literacy and language abilities from the very beginning, in addition to our unique STEAM programme, which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in particular.


Pupils with special educational needs (SEN) are identified in co-operation with their parents. Special provision, from the school’s Learning Support Department, is made on an individual basis according to the particular circumstances of the pupil. Parental involvement, however small, is integral to the ongoing success of their pupil and we encourage everyone to participate in the association to ensure it continues to flourish.

Lifelong Learners

Learning is not limited to the classroom because of the variety of co-curricular activities we offer, which help kids learn and grasp social values and fundamental skills through fun theatre, art, and craft projects.