The heart and the core of any organization are its Founding members, Management, Administrative Staff, Teachers and other Employees.

Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan

Founder, Chairman and Administrator

In 1982, Mr Muhammad Asif Khan laid the foundations of a school. Since its inception, the school has seen tremendous growth and success. Today, HPGS consists of several branches catering to students of Pre- School to A Levels/Intermediate.

Mr Asif Khan, is an educationist, philanthropist, businessman, social worker and the founder and administrator of all the branches of Happy Palace Grammar School. He has an extensive experience in managing all affairs of school; from curriculum development to infrastructural development of the school. He dedicates majority of his time planning for the future of this institution and continuously strives of improvement.

Maleeha Khan

Chairperson and Director of Admissions & Human Resource

Maleeha Khan, Chairperson and Director of Admissions & Human Resource.

Since 2000, Maleeha Khan has led from the front to inspire student of all ages. She has been the frontrunner in handling school affairs and takes personal interest in every student who seeks admission in this system. She does not compromise towards quality and educational matters relating to the school.
Her focus continues to be in Early Childhood Education

She currently looks into staffing of professional teachers and heads the organizational structure. She conducts in-house training programmes for teachers.

Mr. Muhammad Hassan Khan

Managing Director and Director of Academics

Mr. Muhammad Hassan Khan, Managing Director and the Director of Academics.

Mr Hassan Khan has been a notable inclusion in the team of professionals with a vision of driving the school towards success. Ambitious, determined, and motivated, the Managing Director has taken up the task of opening new fronts in the existing line of educational system and bringing innovation and new ideas in the existing curriculum and teaching methodologies.

Having completed his bachelor’s from University College London in Mathematics, he went on to study Mathematics at Masters level from University of Cambridge. His unique academic and professional background has placed him ideally as the Director of Academics at the Happy Palace Group of Schools.

Mr M H Khan also serves as a career advisor and student councillor to the students of various age groups within the schooling system who want to pursue further education or careers locally in Pakistan or abroad.


Mr. Muhammad Athar Khan

Managing Director and Head of Legal Affairs Department

Mr. Muhammad Athar Khan, Managing Director of Legal Affairs Department and Business Developments & Operations.

Having completed his LLB from University of Manchester, Bar from Lincoln’s Inn, London and LLM from University of California, Berkley, Mr Athar Khan serves the Group of Schools as the Managing Director, and Head of Legal Affairs.

His primary source of work pertains to handling corporate affairs of the organisation, including corporate policies, HR policies, state department co-ordination and other governmental matters.

Mr. Muhammad Faizan Khan

Managing Director and Director of Education and School Learning Experience

Mr. Muhammad Faizan Khan, Managing Director of Education and School Learning Experience.

Mr Muhammad Faizan Khan was awarded as one of the youngest educationists in Pakistan. Being the newest member of the board of directors, he envisions taking Happy Palace Group of Schools to a new height of traditional and modern educational standards taking it at par with top schools in UK. He is determined and excited to bring his ideas with him and to incorporate new techniques into the curriculum which will facilitate the use of technology in the curriculum and enhance the quality of education in both traditional and digital education.

Mr Muhammad Faizan Khan completed his foundation year of the university in Economics, Business and Accountancy from City University London after which he went on to do his bachelors from King’s College London (UK) in Economics and Management, additionally, he completed his Master’s in Education from University College London (UK). His experience and educational background places him suitably as the Director of Education and School Learning Experience.

Currently, Mr M Faizan Khan is working on Teacher’s training, Early Childhood Learning development, and making the infrastructure tech savvy so that the students are up to date with the latest learning technique and technology.