Happy Palace Grammar School’s O-Level Students’ Memorable Expedition to Dream World Resort

A Memorable Expedition: O-Level Students’ Trip to Dream World Resort

Our O-Level students at Happy Palace Grammar School recently embarked on an exhilarating trip to Dream World Resort, turning a day out into a remarkable learning adventure. This outing was more than just a break from the academic routine; it was an opportunity to explore new skills, forge stronger friendships, and create lasting memories.

The students had the chance to delve into a variety of sports, mastering the art of archery, showcasing their prowess in cricket, and enjoying the fun of bowling. Each activity was not just about physical skill but also about learning important life lessons like focus, teamwork, and perseverance.

Beyond sports, the trip was a valuable experience in social learning and personal growth. Our students returned with not only improved sports skills but also enriched with life lessons and new perspectives. This trip encapsulates the HPGS ethos of holistic education, where learning extends beyond the classroom walls.

Swipe to see our students in action, embodying the spirit of exploration and learning at the Dream World Resort!


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