Happy Palace Grammar School historic achievement F1 in Schools

Introduction: Happy Palace Grammar School (HPGS) is thrilled to announce that our students have recently participated in an exciting Formula One in Schools competition held in Abu Dhabi. As the first and only school from Pakistan to participate in this prestigious global event, our students showcased their talent in engineering, design, and teamwork, achieving a remarkable 3rd place in the international schools category.

Competition Highlights:

  • Model Car Racing: Students designed and raced their own model cars, focusing on speed and creativity.
  • F1 Simulator Challenge: Our young drivers experienced the thrill of virtual racing, honing their skills on simulators.
  • Pit Stop Challenge: Teams competed to perform the fastest pit stops, demonstrating precision and teamwork.
  • Engineering Design Project: Innovative designs for F1 car components were showcased, highlighting our students’ creativity.
  • F1 Trivia Quiz: Students impressed with their knowledge of F1 history and technology.

Meet the Team and Mentorship: Under the expert guidance of Managing Director Barrister Muhammad Athar Khan, who accompanied and motivated the students throughout the competition, the exceptional HPGS team members excelled:

  • Abdul Sumyan Khan
  • Narmeen Siddiqui
  • Muhammad Abbas
  • Muhammad Musab
  • Mohammad Mibsam
  • Muhammad Tayyab

Media Recognition and Publicity: Our team garnered significant media attention, appearing on various TV channels to share their journey and preparations. Watch their inspiring interviews on Bol TV, where our students discuss their experiences and achievements in the F1 competition.

Watch the Video: https://www.facebook.com/happypalacegroup/videos/1695810264563310



Highlighting Abu Dhabi Event: Explore exclusive images capturing the team’s triumphant moments at the Abu Dhabi event, showcasing their interactions with international peers and celebrating their achievement. View the gallery.


National Pride and Educational Impact: HPGS’s groundbreaking success at the Formula One in Schools competition not only underscores Pakistan’s potential in STEM education but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for future generations to pursue excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Conclusion: The F1 in Schools competition was an incredible learning experience for our students, fostering skills in STEM and teamwork. We are immensely proud of their achievements and look forward to more such opportunities. Happy Palace Grammar School’s historic participation and achievement at this competition exemplify the school’s unwavering commitment to educational innovation and leadership, paving the way for Pakistani students to shine brightly in the world of STEM.

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