Explore Early Years Education at Happy Palace Grammar School

Exploring and Connecting: A Day at Early Years Experience Campus

Delve into the heart of our dynamic Early Years curriculum with these lively snapshots from the Early Years Experience Campus. Witness the excitement of our ‘Blindfold Touch and Feel’ activity, where children adorned with blindfolds embark on a tactile journey of shapes and textures. This engaging exercise is not only about sensory exploration but also about building trust and cognitive development.

Equally captivating is our Circle Time, a cornerstone of our early education program. Here, in the spirit of togetherness, our young learners gather in a circle, sharing stories ideas, and participating in group activities. This practice fosters communication, empathy, and community, which are crucial for early childhood development.

These moments at HPGS exemplify our commitment to providing a holistic learning experience that nurtures curiosity, connection, and growth.

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