Digital Classes

Welcome to Digital Classroom

Dear Parents and Students,

We are delighted to announce the official launch of HPGSLive by Happy Palace Group of Schools. HPGS has been extremely successful in digitally transforming itself to ensure educational continuity. 1stĀ June 2020 marked the first day of us bringing our digital classrooms to your homes.

HPGSLive consists of various platforms such as: Google Classroom, Zoom, Google Docs, Loom, Facebook, Google Meet and much more. These platforms are tools to provide E-learning to our students during this difficult time. Contents on these platforms includes Assignments, Teachersā€™ instructions, Video call links, homework and quizzes.

We have completely transformed our physical classrooms to digital classrooms for all grades from Pre-Primary to A levels.Ā  We are happy that our classes are running smoothly every day and we have received numerous positive feedbacks and support from our Parents which is a great motivation for us to continue working hard to provide the best for our students.

We welcome you all to this new era of digital learning and hope that together we can defeat the virus by staying home and educating our self.

Digital Classroom Guidelines for Parents and Students