Rules & Regulations

Happy Palace Grammar School considers its pupils to be mature, responsible young adults and as such it sincerely makes all efforts to develop their personality. The school will help them grow to be accomplished and useful citizens of the country.

• Students are supposed to be in proper uniform.
>> Use of cosmetics & jewelry is strictly prohibited.
>> Girls must either braid their hairs or pin them properly.
>> Boys are not allowed to keep long or raised hairs or to make weird hair styles i.e. spikes.

• Students are expected to carry themselves in a dignified manner within and outside the institution.
• We offer an opportunity for the pupils to study and participate in all extra-curricular activities within the norms of the society. We believe in making a focused effort towards the betterment of the community, especially the under privileged.
• Evidence of lying, cheating, plagiarizing, misuse of resources, as well as theft of goods or services, misappropriation of library books, failure to comply with copyright rule, fraud or misuse of phones, will all be considered as a serious offense against the school.
• A condition of acceptance is that the student undertakes to attend regularly all classes as detailed in the time-table, to complete all assignments on time and to observe all school rules.
• Any absence from school has to be stipulated by a note of excuse signed by parent or guardian. Prolong illness should be notified to the school along with a doctor’s certificate.
• Serious absenteeism, in a single term, from required school programmers might result in expulsion or any serious action.
• A condition of acceptance that the student will pay ungrudgingly for all events that take place throughout the 2 years at school.
• It is compulsory for parents to attend all PTMs.
• You may meet a teacher, or the Principal, only after the school office has arranged an appointment for you.
• Breakages and damage to school property has to be reimbursed by the concerned student.
• The student will not register for the Cambridge International Examination if a minimum of 60% marks is not secured in the December assessment.
• In order to register through the school for the Cambridge International Examination, it is mandatory to meet the requirement of minimum 80% attendance.

• Fees must be paid before 20th of the designated month.
• All admissions to be school will be charged an admission fee and a refundable security deposit as per the following terms and conditions.
a) Early withdrawal within the first year will result in the forfeiture of the full security deposit.
b) Withdrawal after completion of the first year will result in the forfeiture of 50% of the security deposit.
c) Admission and tuition fees are non-refundable.

In the event of withdrawal, one month’s notice is required in writing. If the notice is submitted after 15th of the month, the student is liable to pay full fees for the following month too.