Blessings of Ramadan: A Message from Happy Palace Grammar School

As the first silver sliver of the crescent moon graces the sky, we at Happy Palace Grammar School extend our warmest wishes to all as we welcome the sacred month of Ramadan. This is a time for reflection, for nurturing spiritual growth, and for strengthening the bonds within our community. As we embark on this month-long journey of fasting and prayer, let’s also embrace the lessons it brings in compassion and generosity.

At HPGS, we cherish these moments that allow us to connect more deeply with our values of empathy and unity. May the glowing lanterns illuminate not just our homes but also light up the path of wisdom for our students. It’s a time to teach and learn about the importance of patience, gratitude, and humility. Together, let us seek the immense joy, forgiveness, and enlightenment promised during this blessed month.

To every member of our vibrant HPGS family and to friends far and wide, we say: “Wishing Everyone a Blessed Ramadan.” May this auspicious period be filled with peace, health, and happiness for all. #RamadanKareem#HPGSpirituality#CommunityUnity

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